STREETTAPE : Bless EDGIA, whatagwan! Let me introduce your work. Now you live mostly in Paris, France. In 2004 You create the label EDGIA PRODUCTION. ( First compilation : 75LYRICAL (Hip Hop / Dancehall), 16 French dee-jays on your own riddims. ( In 2006 you link SUPA CISCO and together you create the REBELUTION SOUND SYSTEM. ( In 2008 you travel to Jamaica fi record artists like ELEPHANT MAN, REGGIE STEPPER, BURRO BANTON and you meet TURBULENCE fi produce his new single "NUH KNOW ME" on your Zipo riddim. You discover the new sing-jay ROBBIE CULTOR. Then you sign his new maxi : 3 pure tunes ("RUN RED", "MO I LIVE", "INA DI GHETTO"). That's allright mister VEX?

EDGIA VEX : Yeh man everything's allright. Now you know mi whole life. First, me a thank ya for dat teaser, everything's good. You know, mi a lucky producer now, I love my work, I love whatagwan. I have spend one year on dis 3 productions : the single of TURBULENCE "NUH KNOW ME", the new maxi of ROBBIE CULTOR (3 tracks) and the free net-tape 6 tracks REBELUTION PON KINGSTON with ELEPHANT MAN, TURBULENCE, BURRO BANTON, REGGIE STEPPA and ROBBIE CULTOR. I have bring some videos session from Kingston like an outdoor session with HIGHER TROD FAMILY, or in studio with TURBULENCE or ELEPHANT MAN. May be you can watch dem on streettape.

STREETAPE : Exactly man, let me tell ya we a proud to promote ya stuff man! Streettape defends da real reggae music, we a work fi di soldiers. Now explain to di streettapers what are your next projects?

EDGIA VEX : Now me a travel through Europa for a big promotion tour : England, Netherland, Sweden, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Tchek Republik, Croatia... After dat session me a go back to studio fi record my first solo album, I have mo than 20 pure bullets ina mi gun, You know me a say. Mi a ready fi a singa life.

STREETAPE : People know you as a producer but you sing da dancehall music since 1997?

EDGIA VEX : Yeh man may be 1998. In fact at the begining, I used to sing in French but I work my yardie since 5 years. I really prefer that language fi play reggae music. Thats sounds betta to my ears. Mi don't know why. As you said, if di people now me as a producer, let me tell ya, they gonna know me as a sing-jay. Here is my only foundation,  I feel so powerfull now fi record my first solo album.

STREETTAPE : Ya welcome ! Nuh forget us for da promotion ! Streettape inna di place man we a dere ! Another question, why this name EDGIA VEX and why this prononciation?

EDGIA VEX :  Fi EDGIA prononce edge higha and VEX because mi a vex mad men everytime mi a see dem. 

STREETTAPE : OK boss ! Now explain us why you choose to stay independant since 10 years and what is your bizness plan with your label EDGIA PRODUCTION?

EDGIA VEX :  At the begining it was not a choice, it was the only solution I've found.  Mi neva wait for someone, you know, each tune, each album you a listen inna di radio, dis is a one man job. Mi nuh care about Majors, mi a bone dem bloodklad choices, dem a blood suckers! Mi a betta artistic director than dem. You know, the music may be the most pure things inna dis earth.  Mi nuh work with dem, mi nuh prostitute my music cause my music is my soul. The time is gone, dem a lost the bizness. Already now mi so bloodklad proud, they wanna deal with my label, but I earn enough money alone. Mi a tell dem Fuck off mi a stay an Indie. Buy EDGIA productions on Streettape or itunes, support di real reggae music!

STREETTAPE : Why did you choose to work with TURBULENCE?

EDGIA VEX : Because he is the future. Mi a listen his tunes since 10 years ago. I just wanna tell him that I am so bloodklad proud to produce that single NUH KNOW ME. May be the best song of my whole life. Nuh joke things ! TURBULENCE is in the place for long time man fi sure. And let me big up the man called REGGIE STEPPER, the original one! Blessed King! and give thanks to the soldiers dem a pon Kingston! BURRO BANTON, ELEPHANT MAN, HIGHER TROD FAMILY, ROBBIE CULTOR, all of mi friends, my crew REBELUTION and mi bredda selecta SUPA CISCO wi a powerfull.

STREETTAPE : When will you go back to Yard and what for?

EDGIA VEX : Mi gonna go back to Kingston in 2010 fi promote my solo album and may be I gonna work on a new dancehall compilation with other big entertainers but I cannot tell ya more.

STREETTAPE : OK EDGIA, I just wanna thank ya  for dis interview, I'm gonna let you working. support your work man, blessed. 

(Realised in London the 01/09/09 for streettape - Interviewer : Nathy Lion)

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