Hi Streettape, I want to buy the single of TURBULENCE "NUH KNOW ME". Should I better use the streettape music store or i-tunes?
There 's no differences, the two ways are secured and the price gonna be the same, but if you use our streettape music store, the player can link you to your favorite artist, you can post your e-mail to his fan box and you can found some biography and discography label by label, artist by artist.

Hello boss, thank you for your work. How can I support Streettape? 
Just visit our "LOGOS & BANNERS" section, copy the adress of your favorite  "Streettape banner", then paste it on your own website or blog.

Yes I breddren, I search more informations in English about the French label EDGIA PRODUCTION? 
You should go to the "INTERVIEWS section" at the top menu, you will find what you need : Nathy Lion our special journalist in London interviews EDGIA VEX : foundator of the label EDGIA PRODUCTION.  

Yeh what's up? Give me more informations about your section "STREETTAPE FRANCE"? 
At you will find : a pure music store of french independants artists with differents styles (Hip Hop / Reggae / Dancehall...), and a free exclusive video section. 

Hi, I want to rent a banner on streettape for my label? 
Send us an e-mail at this address : give us more professional informations :your name, your first name, your age, your phone, your e-mail, your address, the name of your society, the size of the banner, the price by month & for how many time...

Yo friends, mi & my crew, we need promotion for our new dancehall album? how can we do to be promoted on streettape? 
Send us an e-mail at this address : ,join your album picture, the mp3s you wanna promote and a complete description of the artists. Don't forget to let your name and all professionnals informations.

Hello Streettape, I am a dancehall dancer, tell me more about the "Dancehall Queen Contest"? 
OK Sista, Streettape organizes for all the girls the first Dancehall Queen Contest. Every countries, every styles. The rules to participate are very easy : go to the streettape music store, choose a dancehall track (like ELEPHANT MAN "Pon di river" BANX riddim). To play, write WWW.STREETTAPE.COM on your clothes. Create your dance and make a short video, post your clip at youtube Don't forget to send us the adress of the video at

Yo Streettape, I want send you a video jingle, but you write "for professionnals only"...what does it mean? 
Good question, too many artists inna di place, if you hesitate, keep your sound at home for your grand mother. you should better know if you are a straight musician or pussy singa. If you feel ready now, send us a short video. No music, only voice, dedicate yourself and . (Style : Reggae / Dancehall / Hip Hop). Ya welcome.

I like the net-tape REBELUTION PON KINGSTON, who is REBELUTION? 
REBELUTION is a French Sound System from Paris, created by selecta SUPA CISCO & the producer / sing-jay EDGIA VEX. You gonna find a link to myspace They offer us the free net-tape : REBELUTION PON KINGSTON... a pure dancehall compilation featuring ELEPHANT MAN, TURBULENCE, BURRO BANTON, REGGIE STEPPER, ROBBIE CULTOR & 6 new riddims by EDGIA PRODUCTION (BANX, BLIND, PHENO, JERK MOOD, ARMOR riddim).

I'm searching for the discography of ROBBIE CULTOR ? 
ROBBIE CULTOR is the new reggae voice of the label EDGIA PRODUCTION, You can find 5 tracks of ROBBIE C on Streettape : 2 tracks are downloadables for free (extract from the free net-tape REBELUTION PON KINGSTON) & 3 singles are on the streettape music store RUN RED / MO I LIVE / INA DI GHETTO... dis is a real good choice rasta!

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